Kira Willey on Kid Tune Tuesday…

We’re back!  After a brief hiatus (due to technical difficulties, a.k.a. The Hard Drive Crash of 2011) Kid Tune Tuesday has returned.  This week, we’ve mellowed things a tad.

Kira Willey is a musician after my own heart.  She’s not just a singer.  She started making music for her own Yoga for Kids classes!  You might remember her little diddy, Colors, which was featured in a Dell commercial a few years ago.  It’s a beautifully simple song, and I love the imagery…

I am orange todayLoud and messy like finger paint on the wall.

And now for the results:

MR B:  Slowly coming around to this one…   

MISS P:  Wait, this is pretty, let me get my tutu!    


  1. This is really a feel good song…I feel like sitting around a bonfire and grabbing my guitar! Now if only I knew how to play…

  2. Rachel – isn’t it sweet? Can you play the bongos?

  3. How cute! Can’t wait to play this for my little dude!

  4. Hellooo.. coming by to visit.. nice sweet music to start off the day!

  5. Better then the Google rapture of a few weeks ago.

  6. Sarah – great! I hope he likes it!

    Reana Claire – thanks for the visit! Glad I could be of assistance…

    Mrs. Tuna – oooohhhh…do fill me in. What’s the Google rapture?

  7. Now that I can play =)

  8. Hi, I got here from Voicebox, and like the song. It’s nice and quiet!

  9. Hi Momfever! Thanks for stopping by. Isn’t it nice to find a song the kids like that isn’t High Energy? Much easier than Crazy Frog…

  10. Hi! Gina

    Nice blog you have here. Love your template here and at VB too.

    The VB template also specially designed?

    have a great weekend!


  11. Hi Kathy! Thanks for the compliments! The profile at vB is pretty easy to fix, I just added a background. Go to profile–>Edit my profile–>Profile style–>then add a CSS code for background photos. Here’s my code:

    body {background-image:url(“”);background-position: center; background-repeat: repeat; background-attachment: fixed; }

    Hope that helps!


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