Papa Crow on Kid Tune Tuesday…

Papa Crow
I grew up in a house full of boys.  Two brothers and a cousin that was one month younger than my younger brother.  I developed a thick skin to flatulence at an early age.  When your chances of getting pinned down and farted on are high, you can either cry like a baby or laugh like a hyena.

Thus, I am torn about fart jokes around these parts.  While we’re working on going to the bathroom rather than letting one rip in public, we’re not above laughing hysterically when someone sneezes and farts at the same time.

So when I got approached by Papa Crow (a.k.a. Jeff Krebs) to take a listen to his latest mini-CD What Was That Sound?, I was both hesitant and curious.  Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s a kids album entirely devoted to farting.  Let me warn you, this is not for the faint of fart, I mean, heart.

Papa CrowParents’ Choice Silver Honor award winner Jeff Krebs has written a children’s music mini-album that’s bursting with hilarity.  A short five songs, 11 minutes in total, the tunes certainly make kids a bit giggly.  Any song that gives my children permission to say fart judiciously is a song worth keeping in our library.

If you’re working on removing “potty humor” from your child’s vocabulary, or aren’t comfortable with the word fart being uttered multiple times, then you may want to steer clear of Papa Crow’s creation.  But our family happens to like songs and artists that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Rest assured, there aren’t any actual sounds of letting one rip, or raspberries even, on these recordings.  While I realize that not everyone finds the idea of an album built around breaking wind as amusing, there are a few songs on this album that stand out as genuinely good tunes.

For those of you who like euphemisms, my favorite song on the album is “Barking Spiders.”  You know, the sneaky beast (whom you blame for those awkward, trumpety toots) that is often heard but rarely seen.  I didn’t hear that term until I was in graduate school, and I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever heard.  This song has some lovely harmonies, featuring the beautiful voice of Kerry Yost.  Hard to believe they’re singing about dropping air biscuits.

“All the Things That Fart” has an R.E.M.-esque quality to it, mixed with a stark reality similar to the book “Everybody Poops.”  Though I doubt you’d hear Michael Stipe covering this anytime soon.  Once the shock of how many times the word fart appears has, uh, passed, you may just find yourself humming along to the great hook and melody.

My son’s favorite is “Fart Like a Pirate,” a catchy tine that relies on the type of witty, gassy humor that’s right up a little boy’s alley.  While it runs through the explosive qualities of a pirate and an elephant, it also gives a tip of the hat to the dads in the house, who usually lead by example.

Not that I’d know anything about that…

Papa Crow’s What Was That Sound? is available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.
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