The Answer to My (Grocery) Prayers – Door to Door Organics Giveaway

Remember last year when I went on that 30-day cleanse and started hallucinating about food? I’m not cleansing anymore, but the detox helped me realize how good I feel when I eat clean and organic.

However, if your grocery store is anything like mine, finding organic produce can be tricky.

Our grocery store has the majority of their organic fruits and vegetables tucked away in the back corner of the produce section. Shopping in that corner makes me feel like I have a dirty little secret, and even when I get there, I’m rarely impressed with the produce I find. Why do grocery stores insist on making it difficult to purchase clean, organic food?

Thankfully, I’ve found an easier solution – Door to Door Organics! It’s an organic produce subscription service that delivers organic fruits and veggies to my doorstep every week. It’s beyond awesome and has become the answer to my prayers.

The Answer to My (Grocery) Prayers - Door to Door Organics


Door to Door Organics provides a variety of box sizes, combinations, and delivery dates to help suit my family’s needs. I can choose all veggies, all fruit, or a combination of both. We chose the Bitty Box to come once a week, though we could change it to every other week if we wanted. This size is designed for 1-2 people, but I find that it suits our family of 4 just fine. And if we need to, we can always change our box size later, which is a great option for those weeks we might plan a cookout or party.

The customization of the service is a big selling point, and one of the things I love most about it. When I set up my profile, I was able to establish my preferences in fruits and veggies, and had the kids check out the extensive list of produce with me. We said yes to our standard staples (apples, bananas, oranges, kiwi, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, celery) and HECK YES to our favorites (sweet potatoes, carrots, berries).

But even more importantly, we were able to identify food we DON’T like (YUCK to rhubarb, leeks, brussels sprouts, etc.). This is a great option for families who have food allergies or sensitivities. While I don’t think it’s a guarantee that an item won’t appear in my order once in a while, so far, my orders have included foods that we eat on a regular basis.

And even if a stray okra or radish might show up in my order one week, there’s a very easy fix for this – substitutions! This is perhaps one of the most awesome features of the service. I can make up to five substitutions for the week, so if I see something in my order we don’t like or want, I can simply switch it out for something else.

Every Friday I get sent an email telling me what seasonal produce to expect in next week’s box. It’s a great planning tool! Taking a look at my order gives me ideas about what to plan for the week’s menu.

If a veggie is included that I have no idea how to use, before I make a substitution, I take a look at their recipe library and search by that specific vegetable to get some inspiration. There’s also a really useful planning tool on their site to help me map out the week and shop for other ingredients.

I also take a look at our week’s activities to see if I have enough fruit to pack for snacks, and can tweak my box a little to accommodate needing more apples for gymnastic practices, for instance. In essence, I use the service to both supply me with the regular produce we enjoy, but also to experience new ones we might not normally cook with.

There are also options to purchase other goods besides fruits and veggies. Need some Ezekiel bread? Just add it to my cart! Want some Applegate Organic turkey slices to make a sandwich with our beefsteak tomato and green leaf lettuce? They’ve got that, too. I find that these extras are comparatively priced to my local store, but better yet, can get them delivered to my front door.

My first box delivery was an exciting event in our household. Cracking open the first box should have been accompanied by the opening song to The Lion King.


Our first box of goodies included: a bag of baby carrots, a couple of pears, apples grapefruits, kiwi and cucumbers; three bananas, three red-on-the-vine tomatoes; and a box of white mushrooms. Seriously, this is exactly what I would bring home from the grocery store, except the produce wouldn’t look as great, and I’d have to change out of my pajamas.

DTDO 1st box

Let me say here, too, that the produce tastes amazing! We have yet to bit in to something that wasn’t top rate. Even my husband, who’s not entirely on the organic bandwagon, has raved about how delicious his morning grapefruit is.

DTDO bounty

After being a subscriber for a couple of weeks, I’m not sure I ever want to shop at my local grocery store again. Door to Door Organics helps me maintain my clean eating, organic lifestyle and has made my hectic life a bit easier.

I’m so in love with this service, that I’m offering a fantastic giveaway! The kind folks at Door to Door Organics were generous enough to give one of you lucky readers a $50 gift certificate to use for their service!

For the chance to win this certificate, you’ll need to enter the Rafflecopter below by 11:59pm on Thursday, April . In order to redeem the gift certificate, you must live in Door to Door Organics delivery area, so you should first check to see if you’re in an area here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Those Door to Door Organic lovelies have also created a unique code specifically for my readers. Simply use the code FULLOFIT when subscribing to receive $10 off your first order. Again, you don’t need to live in Ohio to use the coupon code, but you will need to live within one of Door To Door Organics’ delivery area, and you can check your zip code at

This is a Door to Door Organics sponsored post, for which I received compensation.  However, all opinions are my own.

Irresistible Food (or, “Why I Can’t Fit In To My Pants”)

This year I actually made good on my New Year’s resolution to make better food choices.  Well, for a few days, anyway.  My zest for fruits and veggies and lean meats and willpower to refuse satisfyingly sodium-saturated carbohydrates got buried under the first snow day of the season.

It’s time to shovel them back up.  Maybe pour some salt on them a bit to help speed up the process.


See, that’s exactly how easy it is for me to fall back in to unhealthy eating habits.

So, after gaining all the weight I lost last year (and then some), I’m trying to get back on the Healthy Eating Train.  But even if I possessed all the self-discipline on the planet, there are certain foods that I have no willpower against.

I know I’m not alone.  Everyone has their guilty pleasures, right?  The foods they simply cannot refuse. No? Please, PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one without any discipline in the food arena.

Irresistible Food

Here are the foods that I can’t resist eating. And before you start to drool over the idea of bacon on this list, let me just say that, while I know the Bacon Movement is strong and powerful, I am not a member of this club.  Go ahead, pork shame me all you want.


Anything With Nutella In It

When I was pregnant with my second baby, my husband and I got away together for our anniversary weekend to a hotel downtown and went somewhere fancy schmancy for dinner. Only, the slightly soft chicken I ordered sent my gag reflexes in to overdrive and made me want to ditch the entire evening.  But then, there was Nutella cake on the menu and all was right with the world.

It’s breakfast! It’s dessert! It’s a snack!


Movie Popcorn

On a rare date night, my husband and I will chow down on a delicious three course meal, chased by several beers.  Stuffed to the brim, I will waddle in to the movie convinced that I don’t need any more food in my system.

But then the smell of fresh popped corn wafts through the air and I suddenly think, “yeah, I have some more room in that gut!”

I KNOW all the numbers.  That the fluffy stuff that I imagine is made of air is in fact saturated with unhealthy oil and regret.  And yet, knowing all of that, I will covertly unbutton the top of my jeans and order a medium popcorn, telling myself I’ll only eat half of the bag.  Yeah, right.



You know how “they” say that adults shouldn’t eat anything at a kids party? Guilty, as charged. Pizza is the staple of the kids birthday party menu, and if there are extra slices left once everyone’s been served, you can bet I’m the first one lined up to grab a slice.

I mean, come on! Sweet, tangy sauce mixed with delicious cheese and bread is a magical recipe that plays well with dinner parties, late night binges, and hangovers. When I lived in New York, I sustained myself on bagels and pizza, two things I could get quickly and cheaply at any time, day or night.


Tortilla chips

I’m not sure I should brag about this, but I have been known to pack away an entire bag of tortilla chips on my own in one sitting.  All 5’1” of me.  I don’t know if it’s the crunch, the salt, or the corny goodness, but I can’t pass up a tortilla chip.

One March Madness party I attended a few years ago offered a giant bowl of chips and salsa for all the moms, dads and kids to enjoy.  I plopped myself down on the sofa in front of the bowl and grabbed a chip.  But then I noticed it was wet and soggy.  Thinking it was from the salsa, I grabbed another chip in a different location, but it was still moist.

And then, I noticed one of the kids picking up a tortilla chip, licking all the salt off of it, and then putting it back in the bowl.

It was a moment of extreme internal turmoil.  Believe it or not, I actually had to pause and ponder whether I should navigate the chip bowl or walk away.  My love for the tortilla chip is that strong, people.  Disgustingly, wrongfully powerful.


Hush Puppies

Perhaps it’s the southern girl in me.  I’m just a girl who can’t say “No” to fried corn dough.  The crispier the better.

Corn. I’m sensing a trend, no?


Okay, actually, anything deep fried

Fried pickles?  Yes.  Fried Snickers bar?  Sure, I’ll give it a try.  I have even had beignets as an appetizer for brunch, and still managed to polish off a large buttermilk biscuit, omelet and hash browns.  I really should get a Cardiologist on speed dial.


So, I’ve fessed up. Now it’s YOUR turn. Is there a food that you cannot, under any ounce of willpower, refuse? I’m all ears. (And not the corn kind, though, that could be a good possibility).


Homemade Vegetarian Stuffing

Let’s get one thing straight. I am a carbohydrate gal. Yes, I like roasted turkey. And I’ll pile on the green bean casserole. But give me mashed potatoes and stuffing, and I’m set for Thanksgiving.

So when one of my dearest friends introduced me to homemade vegetarian stuffing, I found a dish so delicious that I have to remind myself to slap a little poultry and potatoes on my Thanksgiving plate.

Prior to learning this recipe, the only experience I had making stuffing was by scooping it out of a red canister. But making stuffing from scratch was far more easier than I expected, and infinitely more scrumptious.

Plus, the little ones can get involved! I hand over the bowl of toasted bread to my kids and have them rip it to shreds. They get their holiday aggression out, and I get help in the kitchen. If that’s not winning, I don’t know what is.

I don’t normally do recipes on this blog, but I can’t resist letting you in on my favorite dish.

One piece of advice? I know this calls for an insane amount of butter. Just don’t even think about it and put it all in. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Homemade Vegetarian Stuffing

You’ll need:

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 package of vegetarian sausage cut in to rounds (I prefer to use Gimme Lean! by Lightlife)

1 stick of butter (though, if you’re squeamish about this, you can reduce this)

1 medium yellow onion, chopped fine

1 large bunch of parsley, stems removed, chopped fine

1 bunch of celery tops, chopped fine

½ cup of celery, chopped fine

1 loaf of white bread, toasted

¾ teaspoon dried thyme

½ can of vegetable broth

Salt and pepper to taste.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

1) Pour enough olive in a large skillet to thinly coat bottom and heat on medium-low heat, then place sausage rounds in pan to brown, breaking the sausage down into smaller and smaller pieces with the end of a wooden spoon, about 5-10 minutes (depending on sausage used).

2) While sausage is cooking, melt butter and onions in another pan until onions are translucent. Then add parsley, celery tops, celery and thyme, and a little bit of salt and pepper, cooking another 5 minutes.

3) As the sausage and onion/celery mix is cooking, have your kids tear the toasted bread in to small pieces. Mine just use their (hopefully clean) hands, ripping off very small pieces and throwing them in to a very large bowl. You can use a food processor to do this job, or cut the toast with a knife if you want more uniform pieces, but I prefer the rustic look of the shredded pieces.

4) Once the sausage and onion mixtures are cooked, mix them both in with the toasted bread pieces. When it is all fully combined, gradually add the vegetable broth until the stuffing is to your desired moistness.

5) Pour stuffing mixture in a 9×12 brownie pan or casserole dish and bake for 20-25 minutes.

Yep, I’m pretty grateful for all this carby goodness. To all of you and yours, I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!