New Family Music for February

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but here in Ohio, this February has been pretty mild and warm. However, I know that as soon as I hit “publish” on this post, a massive winter storm will sweep in and I’ll be cursing the moment I commented on the easy weather we’ve been having.

I’m not too afraid though, because I have some great new family music releases to listen to that will warm me up, keep me calm and get me rocking hard when I get cabin fever. I’m sure it will give you and your family those warm and fuzzy feelings this Valentine’s day as well!

New Family Music for February

Heart BeatsFirst up, Mighty Mo Productions is back after their last album, Smiles Ahead, with Heart Beats: Feel Good Songs for Families, a collection of 12 lovely love songs from some of the best children’s music artists, including some of my personal favorites.

I guarantee you’ll be eager to spread love and joy to your loved ones after listening to this album. It includes a wide variety of wonderful voices in offerings of zydeco (in “Light of Love” by Brady Rymer and The Little Band That Could, perfect for Mardi Gras day!), rockabilly (Katydid’s “Love My Lovely” by), lullabies (“E’s Lullaby” by Ratboy Jr.) and quirky, boppy tunes like “Because I Love You” by Caspar Babypants.

The album opens with a charming and infectious song you’ll be singing all day, “Litta Bitta” You by Andrew & Polly. The softly sweet “When One Became Two,” about a growing family, is one of my favorite tunes by the Verve Pipe, and I was delighted to hear it on this album. Jim Cosgrove, Mighty Mo’s “Chief Groove Officer” also appears on the album with Jazzy Ash in the adordable rockabilly-swing “Love Comes Back.”

Heart Beats: Feel Good Songs for Families by Mighty Mo Productions is available on their website.


If you’re snowed in and need something to get your body up and moving, The Not-Its! Are You Listening? can take care of that for you.

The-Not-Its-Are-You-ListeningThis Seattle band’s sixth studio album is set to release February 19th, and it’s an album that this punk rock-infused band says is inspired by their daily family life.

Drums and guitars drive this album to rock, and rock hard. What I love about The Not-Its is their commitment to creating music that is accessible to young ears without compromising their distinctly edgy sound.

Are You Listening? opens with “Dance with Me,” reminding me of Tony Basil circa “Mickey.” “Done with the Science Fair” is a song that will sound familiar to both parents and kids who have suffered the woes of a school science fair project.

“Don’t Fear the Dentist” reassures young listeners that there’s nothing to worry about when getting your teeth checked, in serious punk-rock fashion. “Washington DC” is my favorite track on the album. I love how the track starts with a tourist attraction slant, but turns halfway through the song to the importance of democracy and getting your voice heard.

My only criticism is that most of the songs on the album have roughly the same tempo, and I would have loved to hear  tackle a semi-ballad.

“Traffic Jam” provides respite from the driving music of rest of album with a lilting harmony and endearing canon of voices towards the end of the track.

The Not-Its’ Are You Listening? will be available February 19th.


Once you’ve rocked your hearts out and need to feel grounded, you could pop in Kira Willey’s  latest album, Mindful Moments for Kids.

mindful-momentsA yoga instructor and children’s musician, Kira Willey (also known for the enchanting tune “Colors”) has released an album that includes 30 short guided mindfulness exercises to help children manage stress, find calm moments and use mindfulness to focus their energy.

While it’s geared towards children, I have to admit that I’ve been sneaking this CD when I’m alone in the car on stressful mornings. The breathing exercises and self-awareness principles are beneficial to anyone of any age.

The album is divided in to five distinct sections: Calm, Focus, Inspire, Energize and De-stress. Each exercise is backed by music that is upbeat without being distracting, setting a intentioned mood.

Willey’s exercises encourage listeners to become aware of their breath, get in a positive mindset and let go of tension in their body through fun and imaginative imagery. The album also includes two bonus tracks: “Just Be” about relaxing and being content with yourself; and “Dance for the Sun,” in which Willey showcases the strength and pliancy of her voice as she sings through yoga sun salutations.

Kira Willey’s Mindful Moments for Kids is available on iTunes, Amazon and her website.


Finally, if you’re feeling nostalgic, you might want to check out Raffi’s newest album, Owl Singalong.

Raffi-OwlSingalong_CVR_RGBIf you’re reading this blog because you are the parent of young children, you’ve probably heard Raffi as a child yourself. With a career that spans over four decades, and most known for “Baby Beluga,” Raffi paved the way for children’s music, and he continues to leave his mark on the industry with his newest album.

A mix of both original tunes and cover songs, Owl Singalong weaves animal and environmental themes with Raffi’s unmistakable melodic vocals.

Young listeners will recognize songs like the classic “The More We Sing Together,” and delight in the fun animal spins to standards like the Hokey Pokey (in “Lion Pokey”) and The Wheels on the Bus (in “The Dog on the Bus”).

Two standouts on the album are “Who Hoo Could I Be” (with moments that nod to the vocals of Paul Simon and Bob Dylan) and the charming French song “Dans La Forêt Lointaine.”

Raffi’s Owl Singalong is available on iTunesAmazon and his website.


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Quick Sound Bites: Tunes For Little Loves

Some great children’s music has been released this week, just in time for Valentine’s Day, so I decided to share them with you. Consider it my Valentine’s gift, with less calories than candy hearts, but just as sweet.

New Valentine's Day Songs

Dog On Fleas will release their eighth album Buy One Get One Flea on February 18th. Lucky for us, they released a song in advance so we could celebrate the day of love with them.

Grammy Award winning producer Dean Jones sings lead on the adorable song “I Must Be a Genius,” a tune about the brilliance in making the right choice in who you love. Check out the video!



W139_LD_HeartbeatLaura Doherty’s newest album In a Heartbeat delivers a package of goodies as sweet as a Whitman sampler. The track “Heartbeat” is no exception. With a rich sound similar to Emmy Lou Harris, the song’s message about the beating of your heart, felt stronger with activity and love, is a constant reminder that we’re full of life, like Doherty’s music.

In a Heartbeat is available online at,, and iTunes.


And this last one? I can’t stop singing it around the house. Or listening to it. I may just have an addiction to it. Walter Martin of the Walkmen will release a debut solo album in May, titled We’re All Young Together (Family Jukebox).

Conceived as a “family album” when his wife was pregnant, Martin says

It wasn’t that I wanted to write songs to suit my new situation as a parent, it was more that parenthood made relevant writing the kind of songs I’ve always loved most.

While we have to wait a few months for the album to come out, Martin’s camp couldn’t wait to unleash all of this goodness in to the world, and released the romantic track “Sing to Me” a few days ago. Featuring Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, this song reminds me of one of those lazy Beck ballads. These two rich voices together are irresistible. If the rest of Walter Martin’s album is anything like “Sing to Me”, I’d say we’re probably looking at the best album of the year.


Hope you and yours have a great Valentine’s Day, and happy listening! Let me know what you think of this sweet new music.  Be sure to share on Facebook or Tweet this out using those cute little buttons below if you like what you heard!



Charlie Hope on Kid Tune Tuesday…

As I was pondering what tune to present this week, I realized this would be going up on Valentine’s day.  A day for love!  Un jour pour l’amour!  (I’m pretty sure that’s totally wrong and wrecking the beauty of the French language, but my vocabulary is limited to things like colors, numbers, and body parts.  Instead of being correct, imagine me saying it like Pepe le Pew and you’ll feel much better.)  As soon as I got love in my head, I got a song about it in there, too.

Once again, this week’s song comes from hearing it on Kids Place Live.  God forbid I ever have to let my satellite radio subscription go!  Charlie Hope has a wonderful lilt in her voice that is so sweet and charming that I think I’d ask her to babysit my kids without a background check.  It took me a while to figure out where I knew her voice from, but I finally sniffed it out.  She sings on Caspar Babypants’ Mister Rabbit, the very first Kid Tune Tuesday I featured on here!  Fitting for Valentine’s Day, I’m showcasing her tune “One That I Love.”  What I like about it is that it’s upbeat and makes me feel good.  Not to mention that I turn to mush when I hear my kids sing it in the backseat.  What trickery!  Gotcha!  Made ya say you love me!  And it reminds me, like the song says, to show my kids and husband that I love them in small and big ways on a regular basis. 

I hope I’m not stepping on any type of music feet if I do this, but I found a link (on another site that mentioned this was Charlie’s gift) where you can download this song for free by clicking HERE. And I hope this doesn’t end me up in music piracy jail.  Consider my incarceration a little Valentine’s gift…Mwah!

And now for the results:

MR B:  Mom, I’m not sure I like this as much as you, but this one is nice.  It just needs more base and house music behind it…   
MISS P:  Aw, Mommy, this one is kinda pretty…